Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking action

It's been a while since I've written. Amidst school, friends, volunteering, rapping, writing I have been trying to stay sane. But schools almost over! Relief! but sadness.
Make new friends, and barely seeing old friends. Damn, I just realized I'm going to be 7 hours away. Well... 7 hours isn't much right? No it isn't. Just a ticket ride away from home. Just a call away from the city. All 300 miles...

I learned somethings today...
than i need to take action, i always like to believe i do... but sometimes i don't.
Sometimes i say i would, but i don't. Fear, nervousness and FEAR again gets in the way.

Fear of what? why is there even fear. I believed i feared nothing, after all my life experiences i thought i would fear nothing, i would think i have nothing to lose... but then i would think i realize i do.

The fear of loss. but loss is better than not knowing isn't it?

I've never asked God for guidance, i lost my faith in God long ago, when i was barely 13... i stopped believing. I started to live on my own and seeked guidance from barely anyone. But lately, ever so lately ive began to find Him again. But i know its all up to me

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  1. Thats Deep Chi.GRAMMAR FAIL GRAMMAR FAIL...Just Kidding XD