Sunday, April 25, 2010


I woke up early today to roll down into China town. Yes, china town... canal street exactly.

I walked into Charles B.Wang Community health center, the place where I received my internship, to volunteer with the Literacy team's monthly book clubs.
I've been with the team for a year now and its been a great experience. I worked with children and toddlers, teaching them how to read, translating in between chinese and english. It is a very fulfilling experience. I met some great people and made great friends. Friends whom I haven't seen since january that i gotten to seen today. I think the last time I saw them was on my birthday. I am definitely going to help out more as my schedule is no longer as hectic. Tomorrow is volunteer appreciation day, which I think is later in the day...
I was able to catch up with everyone and walk my friend home, it was nice because i really havent caught up with anyone. I hope we all still keep in touch when we move on to college.

I passed the burnt down block near Grand St today, it was crazy to see the havoc that a fire can cause... it made me think about any lives that were lost and lives that were ruined... mother nature at it's worst...

Some things we don't talk about
better do without
just hold a smile
we're falling in and out of love
the same damn problem

together all the while
you can never say never
why we don't know when
time and time again

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