Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carry this world

My little girl
tell me what its like to carry this world
to be alone
walking into to the streets unknown
girl aren't you scared about whats out there?
All the things that can happen, all the things forgotten
but I guess we have to
cause its the life we live through
Now pack the suitcase
We're gonna run out of this place
Cause mama and papas out the door
and they're never gonna be together anymore

Everything will just be right
little girl don't be in such a fright
we'll make it out alive
I'll do everything to make sure we survive
we'll have the life we wanted
not flaunted, by mama and papa's habit
I'll make sure of it

Little girl please don't cry
don't you see the fireflies
They're lighting up this world
Whirling, swirling, twirling
Please please
tell me your fine
and that this isn't the time

I'm on the speedway cruising at 95
thoughts racing, I'm praying
wondering if she'll be alive
please don't go yet little girl
there was so much to see in this world
you don't deserve this, they made us seem so worthless
I'm going crazy with the anxiety
that comes to me
I hear these voices in my head
giving me choices
dreams with her on her death bed
I can't take it, I'm out of the door
but every step I'm taking
I'm missing her more
I don't know what to do anymore
God give me an answer
get rid of this cancer
I turn around and I see her coming
running towards me
but its nothing more
than a vision
a breeze passing my feet
such a beautiful girl
but she'll never ever see the world
and now I'm sitting in my empty house
wondering how it happened
And asking
did I know what I was doing?

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