Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A week of what....

I'm thankful for an entire week off! So much to do... but what? I finally fixed my computer, turns out it wasn't a motherboard problem but a ram problem. Gee could saved 80 dollars! Next time I am definitely bringing it to a repair guy...

I don't really know what I have to do, sure I got AP bio homework and exam... but that isn't really important.
Financial Aid will probably take a few days, but thats about it. I NEED PLANS!

Theres a few things I'm looking forward to though. I'm going to get to be a interviewer for the CSLP internship! It was the internship I was part of last year from March to September. In February, I'm helping out at a book club and Chinese new year celebration for the Literacy Team at Charles b. Wang! Volunteering is fun, especially when you do it with people you enjoy being with.

I played 7 chess games today. My brain hurts ! I'm off to bed!

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