Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ice Skating ! A good way to start off my year,

So yesterday I went ice skating at Bryant Park. It wasn't planned. I originally had to volunteer in chinatown with my friends. But afterwards while I was going home, my friend Tammy called me and asked me to go ice skating at Bryant Park. I decided to go even though I was suppose to go home. I haven't seen my good friend in a while so it wasn't a choice for me to say no. I waited online cause I got there first. My feet felt frozen but it was so worth the wait. Ice skating was fun... even though I was so bad. I only fell once over the 3 hour period, which is a big accomplishment for me! Not bad for a beginner eh? Well I kinda feel bad cause most of the time someone held on to me! Anyways so when I got home my dad tells me that he was a amazing ice skater and he should have went with me. Big suprise! Maybe we'll go another time.. But anyways, Ice skating was a great way to start my great year

Oh my birthdays coming up. I NEED PLANS

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