Thursday, January 21, 2010

"God does not determine the future, the future determines God."

The week went by so quick. I have one final math final exam tomorrow and then I will be a 2nd term senior. Smooth sailing from there! Well kind of... not really! I've been playing chess alot more. Getting destroyed isn't fun, but I'm learning. I've started to read some philosophy books again and I came upon a very interesting quote
"God does not determine the future, the future determines God". This made me think : what is the future, does the future exist, does time exist? I believe the quote is true to an extent. When things happen, we attribute it to God. We are the ones who control our future. What happens happens. I'm also debating with myself whether time exist. Is time real? Isn't the future the same as now? Time is a mental thought created by humans. Animals seem to live perfectly fine without it. If time doesn't exist, then what are we living in now? Is now the same as the present, pass and future?

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