Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A week of what....

I'm thankful for an entire week off! So much to do... but what? I finally fixed my computer, turns out it wasn't a motherboard problem but a ram problem. Gee could saved 80 dollars! Next time I am definitely bringing it to a repair guy...

I don't really know what I have to do, sure I got AP bio homework and exam... but that isn't really important.
Financial Aid will probably take a few days, but thats about it. I NEED PLANS!

Theres a few things I'm looking forward to though. I'm going to get to be a interviewer for the CSLP internship! It was the internship I was part of last year from March to September. In February, I'm helping out at a book club and Chinese new year celebration for the Literacy Team at Charles b. Wang! Volunteering is fun, especially when you do it with people you enjoy being with.

I played 7 chess games today. My brain hurts ! I'm off to bed!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Accepted into my safety school Buffalo State. Not bad!  I have a school I have a definite chance of going to :)
I really want to get into Fordham or University of Rochester...

 I'll get more results in late February or May.

I've been playing some heavy chess on chesscube, finally beat a few people!

Regents break is coming up, can't wait! Still need to fix up my gaming computer though

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"God does not determine the future, the future determines God."

The week went by so quick. I have one final math final exam tomorrow and then I will be a 2nd term senior. Smooth sailing from there! Well kind of... not really! I've been playing chess alot more. Getting destroyed isn't fun, but I'm learning. I've started to read some philosophy books again and I came upon a very interesting quote
"God does not determine the future, the future determines God". This made me think : what is the future, does the future exist, does time exist? I believe the quote is true to an extent. When things happen, we attribute it to God. We are the ones who control our future. What happens happens. I'm also debating with myself whether time exist. Is time real? Isn't the future the same as now? Time is a mental thought created by humans. Animals seem to live perfectly fine without it. If time doesn't exist, then what are we living in now? Is now the same as the present, pass and future?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally 18

Just turned 18 on friday! OH the possibilities! and OH the restrictions! But I am happy! Also a little confused about what has happened in my last 18 years! OH highschool is almost over! Had a celebration on saturday (yesterday)! Pretty fun! 13 people showed up and we sang and ate, my friends met my other friends! A weird group of people. 4 others couldn't make it, but it was okay! I got to see some people I haven't seen for a while, and my friend Mike dominated in Karaoke!

I want to buy a lottery ticket!

Monday, January 11, 2010

This is going to be an insane WEEK!

 Kicked off monday with common time and buffalo wild wings with a bunch of friends.
Realized one of them was a really good chess player, and one of them was really really realy cute ;D

Wednesday is the Tech Vs Erasmus Basketball Game. 200+ attendees, we're going to be crazier than college basketball fans! BLUE DUNGEON! Blue body paint anyone?

Friday is my birthday, and saturday is the celebration. This is gonna be insane!

I must sound hyped up.

Wait i have a math quiz tommorow!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stressful week over!

I had the most stressful school week. I am so glad it is over. It was even more stressful than my college applications. The trouble sleeping, bad dreams that didnt allow me to fall asleep, the home work, the train delays, and the breaking down of my printer. It was horrible. Thank God it's over. Friday, me and a few friends got something to eat and played basketball. Thats right! Basketball in the freezing cold. 3 on 3 half court and lots of slipping and gliding. We're idiots :)

My friend is suppose to come over today to help fix my computer. Hopefully he does! I've recently started playing chess again! Let me know if you want a game!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Psychology. Maybe someone can help me finish?

280 days ago... or more. I composed a little guide about depression and psychology.,-A-guide-to-its-usefulness

I never got to finish it. Maybe i should. But it has been so long.
During the time I wrote it, a few friends of mine had died and I felt the guide would be useful for many people who felt depression or may gain some inspiration through my work.

Hopefully whoever reads it now will still find something useful in it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

50 got a little meat

I just need to say that todays basketball game against Bedford was intense. Even though we lost by 5, it was a great game and it was the first game I went to. Zach and Mike and their naked white crew riled up the crowd and got everyone chanting for tech. We even made fun of #50 on the other team when he shot free throws. "50s got a little meat!" People were rolling on the floor laughing in real life.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I thought about prom.. second guessing myself. I mean who am i gonna ask? Is anyone gonna say yes? I'm thinking of asking someone and shes a nice person and a good friend, I don't know how they'll react. I can't dance that well.. and I never asked anyone to a dance! I'm scared!


What a way to start off the monday. The nigh before today the student tech community was informed that our school was going to be shutdown for a few days due to construction accidents. However it turns out it was a hoax and someone had hacked into the assistant principal's email. If only we really had the day off... if only if only!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ice Skating ! A good way to start off my year,

So yesterday I went ice skating at Bryant Park. It wasn't planned. I originally had to volunteer in chinatown with my friends. But afterwards while I was going home, my friend Tammy called me and asked me to go ice skating at Bryant Park. I decided to go even though I was suppose to go home. I haven't seen my good friend in a while so it wasn't a choice for me to say no. I waited online cause I got there first. My feet felt frozen but it was so worth the wait. Ice skating was fun... even though I was so bad. I only fell once over the 3 hour period, which is a big accomplishment for me! Not bad for a beginner eh? Well I kinda feel bad cause most of the time someone held on to me! Anyways so when I got home my dad tells me that he was a amazing ice skater and he should have went with me. Big suprise! Maybe we'll go another time.. But anyways, Ice skating was a great way to start my great year

Oh my birthdays coming up. I NEED PLANS

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010! Happy New Years

Happy New Years. 2010!
I actually made a small list of resolutions that I am going to try to accomplish
-Be a better friend
-Spend more time with my friends
-Help out my sister more on her academics
-Volunteer more (Ima slacka!)
-Draw better and take some art classes
-Help out with the household chores
-Learn to cook
-Get a 90+ average on my final report card
-Ask someone out for the Prom
-Write a short story

Its a long list, hopefully I can accomplish them.