Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks Mommy

So I went shopping with my mommy today. Good thing about shoppen with mommy? She buys things for me! Yeah so basically it was so crowded so we never really got to check out all the stores. I didnt feel well enough to go to Macys and other crowded stores and pick out clothes and try stuff on. The amount of people was insane. So my mom got me a nice puma messenger bag, I was looking for a light bag to carry my school stuff. Which only consist of a binder. Its a nice bag I'll be using for a while and probably as a laptop bag later!

I realized I should have applied to fashion insitute of technology. I always had been interested in fashion design and i had some drawings of my own io could have submitted for a portfolio. Lately I've been learning how to sew, learning about fabrics and designing things. Hopefully I may transfer in my sophomore year!

Well im off!

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