Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Priceless day

So i went shopping with my mom and little sister today. My mom got a pair of jeans, and I got a Tommy Hilfiger Plaid shirt and a International Concepts sweather. The sweather is outrageous, hopefully I wear it well.
I seriously love Macys Men Section. Anywho, while I was waiitng for my mom to try on jeans; I took out my sketchbook and sketched some dresses and Vneck tops I saw that inspired me. While I was doing so, 2 little girls came up to me and kept watching me draw. They were both sisters and were 4 and 5. They liked my dress!
It was interesting, I even let them draw as well.

Shopping can be exhausting, so me and my mom and sister went to a Vietnamese restuarant to eat. There was a table full of asian kids. I looked over and saw a girl named Tiffany! She is in 6th grade and I was her teacher asssistant during the summer of 2007. She grew so much and she got alot skinnier. I really was surprised at how much older she got and it just reminded me of how old I am. Time goes by quick


  1. awww i never knew you drew!! that's cute

  2. was such a pain in the ass to publish my comment. wthh..