Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The most intense experience ever.

Today was something I would never do again. The intensity I experienced was something I never experienced in my 17 years of life. Know I know why people steal and commit crimes, it is the adrenaline. Did i do something bad today? I don't think so... it was risky yes. But sinful? I doubt it. Maybe my view of sin is twisted?

 Me and some good friends went to IMAX to see Avatar. Me and my friend were late and noticed we were short of money. My other friends bought tickets for 16.50! But... there was a big black guy with glasses who was selling 'tickets' for 5 dollars. I know.. I know.. too good to be true? Well me and my friend got intrigued. At first I was reluctant so the man told us that he could get us in and he got people in the movies a lot of times. My friend decided to go with him and he showed my friend a secret alleyway and entrance into the theaters. We were afraid our friend would get robbed and killed. Good thing he came back to us 10 minutes later and told us he was legit.

So we went to eat mcdonalds and me and my friend went back to the guy. There was 3 other kids with him who were also intrigued with his deal. He brought us to a entrance that is usually locked. We were told to wait a minute or two to seem casual. Then we entered the entrance and came upon a narrow alley way. We walked silently and passed many doors. My heart was pounding the whole time and I was fearful of being caught. I stayed in the back and it was a good thing because if anything happened- I was first to run! My responsibility was also to close the doors behind us quietly. When we passed 2-3 entrances the black man all of a sudden stopped. We heard a small chatter close to the next door. We all froze. Then a clanging of keys and sounds of the next door unlocking. I saw each and every one of ours eyes widen with fear, and we would all have been paralyzed in fear but the black man yelled to us "Go get out". I sprinted for my life, wearing converses, I sprinted with all my might. There are no words to explain my emotions. The fear, the intense rush of adrenlaline which was intensified by the sound of the door opening and a security guard yelling out "GET BACK HERE". The andrelaline was so intense and it felt like If i get caught I would die. I was risking my clean record, I was risking of shaming my parents, I was risking everything! Not smart a year before college. Everyone ran out of the building and scattered on to the streets of time square. It was like the scene of a bank robbery in the movies or a action movie where the characters are running in the streets and pushing random people. Me and my friend both went casually into Models right after to blend in. My heart was still pounding. We stopped and laughed and just looked at each other. So this is the thrill of intense adrenlaline. It was the feeling of bank robbers, thieves, playing the last minutes of a sports event, sky diving, it was what andrelaline junkies craved for. It felt addicting and a part of me yelled' LETS DO IT AGAIN'

My friend is nuts. He wanted to get back in but the door was locked. He looked for ways to get back in but couldnt. We were going to go home until we found the man on the streets again. He was smoking a ciggerate and probably a little befuddled by the earlier incident. He told us it never happened before and that he has to rig all the entrances again now that the inside people were on to his plan. He told us he could get us in another way. I wanted to leave but he told us to trust him. I wasn't thinking and said 'Fine what the hell'  A part of me trusted him, and he kept telling us 'I'll get you guys in' Because the theater was linked to many entrances and alleys and other stores, we went into a neighboring Dave and Busters. What we were about to do sounded insane to me. We waited next to a escalator that went down from the 3rd floor of the building where Dave and Busters is. The movie theaters were on the 3rd floor and above. Our plan was to wait for someone to come down, ask them if there were any guards up there and just rush up the down escalator. I was scared as hell. The black man told us "When I say run, YOU RUN! Don't fall behind and take my lead" He saw the nervousness in me and laughed and said "You seem nervous. Relax dont worry" So a white guy came down, he told us no one was up there and we all rushed up the staircase. But the movie was on the 6th floor. So we went through different emergency exits, corriders and alley ways to get there. We ran up stair cases (Thank god for brooklyn tech stair cases) and we ran alot of stairs! But I was use to it due to my 4 years at Tech :)
I was the guy at the back and I had to shut the doors quietly. However in my head was "Don't fall behind, the people who fall behind are always the ones to get caught" So I ran as fast as I could without making noise. I felt like I was in the movies, and getting caught meant death. We finally got on the 6th floor and it felt amazing. Inside of me, I felt proud for some reason. The intensity and the adrenaline was still in me and I felt as If I just climbed a mountain. We got to see Avatar in 3D with our friends. The movie was amazing and rich in metaphor and symbolism, and the graphics were beyond divine.Me and my friend also thanked the man for giving us the thrill of our lives. We had a lot of respect for him and what he did. He could get caught any day but he has the guts to do what he does. Flirting with danger and getting caught. We noticed he was very observant and intelligent and perhaps that is what makes him so successful in cheating the theater.

It was the thrill of my life. It felt like the movies but better. However I am never doing it again. To see a  movie and save some bucks. To risk a juvenile delinquency record? Not worth it. I should have gone home. But I saw a great movie, learned a lesson, and had a experience I will never forget. It was worth it in a sense.

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  1. that sounds amazing lol it's definetly like a movie. i wanna try that someday xD