Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I had a good tuesday :)
It kicked off well when I saw I had a 710 for my SAT 2 Literature exam. Thank god for ms.Lehrman :)
Its a decent grade and I am happy especially because I heard it was a tough test.

But most importantly I realized today how friends make your day so much better.
My friend gave me a cupcake today and it was delicious, havent had a cupcake in ages!
I had a fun time with my friends at the NHS meeting and taking the train together.
Talking about random things like samara's addiction to NX, ghettos, black people, hos and bitches, cheese doodles, ms.lehrman and a bunch of other stuff. Friends make your day so much better, friends are the people you can talk to and have a good laugh, friends are the ones you can relate to and have a good time.
Thank god for friends.

Now I'm off to do my english essay, which will be much easier because a friend of mine gave me her splendous essay :)

Oh I have some christmas cards to label and a book I have to wrap for a friend in my math class haha


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